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Welcome to the LaderaLiquids.com

The Ladera Liquids was founded in February 2003 by several parents wanting to promote, organize and provide a neighborhood swim team for the youth who live in Ladera Ranch. The Liquids continue to encourage and support all youth and their families of Ladera Ranch wanting to join a neighborhood swim team. The goals of the Ladera Liquids Swim Team are to train youth swimmers of all ages and abilities and to improve the competitive swimming skills of novice and established swimmers alike. As a neighborhood swim team, the Liquids will promote the spirit of inclusion among its participants and will encourage good sportsmanship and a commitment to teamwork as modeled by our coaches, parents and swimmers.

The Ladera Liquids are committed to:

  • Having fun
  • Introducing young people to the sport of competitive swimming
  • Developing a sense of camaraderie among teammates and coaches
  • Providing balanced training in all four competitive stokes
  • Developing long and short-term goals for the team and the individual
  • Developing fitness for life
  • Being ambassadors of Ladera Ranch

We believe in promoting the development of a well-balanced swimmer. A successful swimmer is one who continues towards improving their strokes, is dedicated to coming to practice, enjoys being on a team, and is always doing their best in and out of the pool. It is our goal to assist each swimmer in reaching their potential both in and out of the pool.